4 criteria to consider when choosing security software

Did you know that for every eleven seconds, a new ransomware attack is successfully launched? This is according to the most recent cybercrime statistics. Cybercrime is quickly overtaking the global drug trade in profits according to the same stats. Similarly, almost every commercial website you visit is probably installing tracking cookies on your devices.

With the above realities, choosing the right security software even for individual use has become an important activity. How do you go about finding the most reliable and transparent security software in the current environment?

Here are four important conditions or criteria you must use to ensure the security software you purchase is fit for your purpose:

1.   Transparency

Can you verify that the security software you are buying works as advertised? Does it protect your data and keep you safe from attacks?

For instance, if you are looking for network and internet safety, transparency means finding a VPN you can trust. You can only do this if the VPN has a verifiable security audit and open-sourced some of its source code for transparency.

2.   Cost

How much will you end up paying for the security software in the long term? Can you afford the premium security features advertised? Some security vendors tend to have attractive short-term or trial pricing models that quickly add up as time progresses.

In cybersecurity, usage numbers do matter. It’s through having a significant userbase that a security vendor can identify new threats and create fixes. The more popular the software, the better their detection and protection abilities. Small security vendors tend to struggle with new or significant threats. In cases where you looking at secure messaging, look and see if their products are open-source so that others can review the application to see if it is secure indeed.

4.   Platform and number of users

Which operating system are you planning to install the security software on? Can you install it on multiple devices, including laptops? The more users and platforms it can support, the better for you.

There are so many good security packages out there to choose from. In the current environment, you might need to purchase more than one software to be safe. For instance, you might want to combine a good VPN service and an antivirus solution to protect your data and communications at all times.

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