A Sunday with Shell, Ferrari and LEGO Blocks

When I got the invite from Shell for an event on Sunday and that too along with my kids, I knew that we were up for an interesting weekend. Well, who doesn’t like Lego Blocks? I’m sure most of us have played with them as kids for hours.

The morning started off with Shell unveiling the collection of six exclusive Ferrari Lego Collectibles. They include the Scuderia Ferrari Truck, the 250GT Berlinetta, Ferrari FXX, F40, 458 Italia and the Ferrari 150° Italia.

The Six Exclusive Ferrari Model LEGO collectibles being unveiled

The models are really well designed to replicate the beauty of the Ferrari cars and include stickers to give them the final details after the vehicles have been assembled.

These models feature the smallest pull-back motors that LEGO has put into a car model at this size. In fact, Shell and LEGO have worked together for more than 18 months to create this micro-propulsion motor to power these cars at high speed, like you’d expect from a Ferrari.

A competition for the fastest build followed up the unveiling. We had to try assembling the Ferrari 150° Italia, which included 32 individual bricks, in the fastest time possible. The Shell folks had showed an video with the Ferrari team building the cards in under a minute. Did we beat that?

The fastest the adults at the event managed was around 5 minutes by yours truly. Of course, my LEGO skills have deteriorated over the years. The kids in the next round managed a faster build time of around 4 minutes and 45 seconds!

My daughter admiring the LEGO Ferrari models.

How do we get our hands on these beauties? Well, this exclusive collection will be available for you to purchase at Shell stations in India for around Rs. 249 when you fill in your tank. Check your nearest Shell Station for details.

Here’s a picture of all six models:

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