Android developers can now push their apps to the Blackberry Playbook

Just before their Developer Conference, RIM has put up a video on Youtube showing how app developers on the Android platform can repackage their current apps to run on the Blackberry Playbook. This move should boost the number of apps in the Blackberry eco-system by allowing developers having existing apps on the Android Market to run on the Playbook tablet.

Before a developer can migrate their apps, they’ll first have to sign up for a Blackberry Developer account and get their signatures from there. Then using the system’s compatibility test, check if their current app can be migrated to Blackberry. Some apps which require specialized Android APIs can’t be migrated in the current system. ┬áIf it does pass the compatibility check, the developer can then go head and repackage the app and have it up on the Blackberry App Store.

Here’s a video of how the entire process works:

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