Back up your SMS messages to Gmail

SMS Backup Main Screen

What if you could back up all the SMS’s from your Android phone over to Gmail? Have them searchable in your Gmail account, and view them in the classic Gmail threaded view? Wouldn’t that be pretty cool?

Now you can! Here’s an application called SMS backup which does just that. You can install the application from the Android Market.

Before you set it up, make sure you’ve enabled IMAP on your Gmail account. If you don’t know how to do that, check Enabling IMAP at the Google help pages. Once you’ve done that, start the SMS Backup application and set your Google username and password to start the backup. You can also configure the application to do automatic backups of your messages by checking the Auto Backup option. Now head over to the advanced setting to control more options for your backups on Gmail.

SMS Backup - Gmail Settings

In this screen (on the left) you can set the options to automatically set the SMS messages as read on Gmail. If you don’t check this, they’ll come up on Gmail as unread messages.

You can also set a custom label for these messages on Gmail. By default the label for these are set to SMS, you can find these messages filed on Gmail under SMS.

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The maximum number of items per backup is the batch size for one backup. If your device gets slow when backing up a lot of messages at once, this settings allows you to limit the number of messages sent during one batch. Any messages that are not backed up during that batch will be backed up as part of a later batch.

If you want to download this application, clicking this link on your phone SMS Backup App, or scan the QR code on the right.

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