Belkin Mixit Charging Accessories Reviewed

Belkin Mixit Charging Accessories Reviewed

A quick look at Mixit Universal Car Charger & USB-C Charging Cables from Belkin

Belkin, a consumer electronics company, is launching a few new charging accessories from their Mixit line in India. A few weeks back, Belkin sent these two Mixit products for me to try out and review on this site.

Being a past user of a Belkin Wifi router, I’m quite aware of the quality of their products. The wifi router which I bought more than 5 years back is still running without any issues at my parent’s place 24×7. So big fan there! Before we digress too much, let’s get on with these accessories.

The products which Belkin provided me to review were from their Mixit charging accessory line. First up is the Mixit Universal Car Charger.

Mixit Metallic Universal Car Charger

Belkin Mixit Universal Car Charger

With the looks of a polished golden bullet, this little beauty packs quite a punch. It’s capable of providing 12W of power to your electronic device to get it charged up to 40% faster than a standard 5W car charger.

Tiny and stays out of the way in the car

With the capability to provide up to 12W of power at 2.4 Amps, this unit is capable of charging phones and well as tablets. This unit comes with a standard USB port. I used this unit over a period of a week and it works like a charm keeping both my Note 8 and the iPhone 7 plus juiced up during my commute.

Unlike the older charger I had which was bigger and bulkier than this Mixit unit, this one is so small that it just stays out of the way and does the job quite well.

USB C Charging Cable

The next product I took a look at was the Mixit USB-C to USB-C charging cable. The cable length of this particular model is 6 feet long.

This cable is used connect your phone or tablet to your USB-C capable laptop or charger. Unfortunately, since this cable is USB-C on both ends, I couldn’t try this with the Car Charger since that was a standard USB port. Instead, I paired it with a Google Pixel phone’s charger to test out the cable.

7 Colour Options

This sturdy cable comes in seven different colours to match your phone or laptop cases. It is capable of carrying up to 60W at 3amps of power and transfer data at up to 480 Mbps.

To test out the throughput of the cable, I hooked up my phone to a MacBook’s USB C connector and tried moving a few large files between the phone and the laptop. I didn’t do a very scientific benchmark test, but the cable performed as well as the data cable which shipped with the Pixel.

As with my previous experience with Belkin products, the quality of their products really stands out. Standing apart in a crowd of generic accessories, these add a touch of style and colour to our arsenal of gadgets.

To find out more Mixit accessories which Belkin offers in India, head over to their site – Belkin Mixit Catalog or shop for Mixit Accessories on

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