Buttons and Scissors Logic Game for iOS and Android

The game Buttons and Scissors is logic based game, where the main aim is to cut off all the buttons from a piece of Denim Cloth. As easy as that sounds, things can a little tricky as you progress through levels. Here’s a quick set of instructions on how to get rid of those buttons in Pictures: Buttons and Scissors - Instructions You can cut off buttons of the same color which fall in a straight line, and keep doing that till the board is cleared. You may end up making moves which you may want to backtrack, so the game provides an undo button which is on the lower right corner of the screen. Oh and did I mention that the faster you complete the level, the more you score.

There are quite a few levels to go though within the game. There are 200 levels for each the 5×5, 6×6 and 7×7 grid sizes. That makes 600 levels in total. If you run through all these, you also have the option of buying 600 more levels via in-app purchase. You can also buy solutions to levels, in case you get stumped on the way.

Download and have fun!



Buttons and Scissors
Buttons and Scissors

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Buttons and Scissors
Buttons and Scissors
Developer: KyWorks
Price: Free+

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