Camera samples from the Nokia 808 Pureview

Thanks to the folks at Nokia I got to try out the Nokia 808 PureView phone yesterday as I went around the MWC venue and at night. I was busy clicking away photos and a few videos with this device. Are you interested in seeing how it turned out?

You’re in luck, here are some of the pictures I clicked with the Nokia 808 PureView phone. Some of the are in full Resolution mode and some in the Oversampled 5 & 8 Megapixel PureView Mode. I found that the oversampled PureView mode works great during the day, but it excels during the night. Here’s a sample of the photos from various times of the day and different lighting conditions to see how the massive 41 Megapixel sensor of the phone performed.

The Nokia 808 PureView also excels in video capture during the day and night, take a peek at these videos and see how it performed. Do note that these are captured in 1080p HD mode so make sure you take a look at the 1080p version of the videos to see the actual clarity of the videos.

One thing to note here is that the phone I was trying out is a Prototype device so the camera software on the phone is not the final version. The folks at Nokia did mention that they are still tweaking the software to get best results from the phone, so the final version could yield better results when the phone actually hits the markets.

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