dataStickies — Sticky Notes which aim to replace USB Storage

From the realms of Sci-Fi, here’s some interesting technology which could replace USB drives – imagine carrying your work data, photos and media in a book or your wallet and stick it on the computer to share data.

An Indian Duo have designed a product concept called dataStickies which is a cross between PostIt Notes and a USB drive. Of course, you can’t go online and buy these yet, they’re still in the concept stages. That didn’t stop the folks behind this, Aditi Singh and Parag Anand, from winning awards for it already.

dataSTICKIES- using graphene

The dataStickies themselves are will be made of Graphene, new material made of carbon atoms. A thin sheet of Graphene could carry a large volume of data which makes it a possibility to make thin layers of storage for the DataStickies. dataStickies will come in storage spaces ranging from 4GB to 32GB. Of course, if you need more storage, the creators mention the use of a multi-use conductive adhesive for these which allow users to stack up multiple units to increase the storage capacity.

Instead of plugging these into a USB slot, the dataStickies just need to be stuck on a unit called the ODTS (Optical Data Transfer Surfaces), which can be placed in front of a computer or a TV screen. These sticky data units transfer information to a computer via the proprietary ODTS interface. Once done, take it back and store in a box, or stick it on your phone or anywhere convenient.


I can already see potential uses for technology like this – textbooks can be augmented extra content on dataStickies or we could be seeing an advertiser send out augmented content in physical mailers. Better yet, make business cards which have printed contact details on the outside and additional marketing or introductory material when slapped onto your computer or laptop’s screen.

Now since Graphene is a new technology, it could take some time to commercialise this product, with having to source mass-produced Graphene, to engineering and designing the rest of the product to work and at the same time be affordable. I’m for one rooting for Aditi and Parag to get dataStickies out in the market as soon as they can.

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