Facebook for Android gets Chat and Push Notifications

Facebook for Android with Chat and Push Notifications

For you Facebook users in the Android World, here’s some good news from Facebook. They’ve released the latest version of the Facebook app for Android which has Chat and push notifications integrated in it. ┬áiPhone users have had this feature on their version of the Facebook app for sometime now.

I liked the chat interface, which is very simple and neat. You can search from a list of your contacts to initiate a chat session and the actual chat screen looks like the screenshot on the right (click on it for a larger view). ┬áIf you switch to another application, while you’re chatting, you’ll still receive a push notification of any incoming message.

Apart from these two awesome additions, this version also brings in some bugfixes which should improve the performance of the app. Unfortunately the push notification feature of this app is available only for Froyo (Android 2.2) users. The Chat features will work fine for users on the older Android devices as well.

The updated Facebook app is available as a free download from the Android Market. Let us know your comments about this version of the Facebook app by commenting below.

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