Google Server outage affecting Google Now for Jellybean users

Since morning today, users who are running on Google’s Jellybean version of the Android OS have been facing minor issues with their devices. Both my Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7 were showing a triangle notification in the notificaton bar. On clicking it, the message I kept getting was that the phone couldn’t sign me in because if couldn’t communicate with the Google Servers. Clicking on the next button didn’t help much since after a few seconds of retrying the connection, the phone came back saying that it couldn’t connect to the servers again.

Google Now’s service also seems to be affected by this outage. Opening it up just shows a blank area under the search box. All other Google services on the phone like Gmail, Gtalk, Maps, Google Play Store and such seem to be working fine, so other than the irritant of that “Can’t sign in” notification, you shouldn’t have any other problems with your phone or tablet.

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