Khawa Karpo – Tibetan Fare

Khawa Karpo – Tibetan Fare

While hunting around for a place to head out to for lunch, my colleague suggested that we try out some Tibetan food for a change from our regular fare. We found Khawa Karpo just a few minutes away from our Koramangala Office, near Jyothi Nivas college. Khawa Karpo doesn’t offer a posh dining experience, but is rather a hole in a wall kind of experience. We started our meal with some Chicken Momos and Shabaklep to try out the starters before heading into our meal. Both of them turned out to be good. The Shabaklep is more like a deep fried momo, in the shape of a half-circle puff, filled with steaming hot filling – quite a good start to our meal.

Dry Thukpa

For the main course, not knowing the quantities served each of us ordered separate dishes, I ordered a Dry Thukpa, which is soft noodles topped with a thick gravy. It tasted quite good, and ordering a whole dish was a mistake, since I couldn’t finish it. If you do head out here, don’t make the same mistake, unless you’ve got a bigger appetite than mine! For the less adventurous, they’ve got a regular Chinese fare as well. In all the food was pretty good, and there was nothing to complaint at all, except for the kerosene fumes from the generator just outside the door. Blame the Bangalore power cuts!

The costs were also pretty reasonable with an average meal for two around the Rs. 160-210 range, depending on what you order. Head to Burrp for more information about Khawa Karpo.

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