Lego Introduces a Stress Busting Toy for Adults

Lego Introduces a Stress Busting Toy for Adults

Remember spending hours building stuff  with Legos? How long back was that? Personally, it’s been quite a long time back since I spent some time with those Lego bricks.  Here’s some good news for those who’ve missed playing with Lego. Lego is trying something new – they are creating a new product line targeting adults.

 The Forma Line is a new creative toy line to build fishes and other animals. These pieces also feature a mechanical movement which mimics the creature’s natural movements. The building process also involves having to colour the “skin” of your creation before you assemble it.  Take a look at the detailed view one of an assembled unit below.

Lego Forma Close Up
Close up of a Lego Forma unit

Coloring, assembling and playing with toys – what better way to beat the stress!

Lego decided to launch this product as a crowdfunded project on Indigogo. The campaign was so successful that they overshot their initial target by 1334%!  That’s a lot of interest! But it may be a while before these hit the shelves of stores near us.

If you see one in the stores anytime, drop me a line and let me know. I’d love to check it out.  Here’a quick video with details about the product.

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