Meeting the Nokia Digital Design Team

Digital Connections-iStockWe’re heading out to Delhi tomorrow to meet up with a few folks from the Nokia Digital Design team at the Nokia Digital Design Boot Camp. Here’s who we’ll be meeting up with with a short bio:

  • Nikki BartonHead of Digital Design – Nikki is heavily influenced by her design and cultural experiences. With 20 years of work in digital interaction worldwide, her experiences are fairly diversified by now. That said, she believes that her training and education has heavily influenced her work throughout her life. She considers solid, good design training as a real advantage. For Nikki, design and user experience are inextricably linked and should not be thought of as separate exercises.
  • Robert WilliamsDesign Manager, Nokia Design Studio: London, UK – Rob was originally attracted to design because he always liked creating things that get into people’s hands. Trying to understand people and how one can make things that improve or enhance their everyday lives is really interesting to Rob.
  • Younghee JungSenior Design Specialist, Nokia Design Studio: London, UK – When Younghee started university, she studied general science. She was good at mathematics and asked to join the math department. It got her thinking, and she realized she wanted to be closer to everyday life and people. She switched to the industrial design department after that semester. She has always been a very curious person. Being close to and able to study various aspects of human life is what drew her to design.

We’ll be twittering from the event so follow us @myportableworld. If you have questions or comments you would like us to forward to this team, send ’em across. Even if you have cribs about Nokia’s Digital Designs like the icons, homescreens forward them to us, and we’ll make sure that the Design team comes to know about the issues you face.

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