Microsoft rolls out updates for Windows Phone 7

Late last night Microsoft released the latest update for Windows Phone 7. The current WP7 OS version is  7.0.7390.0. This update brings in the missing functionality of Copy and Paste on the phone and other improvements and fixes.

Here’s a quick rundown of what you can find in this update.

  • Copy & paste
  • Faster apps and games
  • Better Marketplace search
  • Other Marketplace stability improvements
  • Wi-Fi improvements
  • Outlook improvements
  • Messaging improvements
  • Facebook integration
  • Camera improvements
  • Audio improvements
  • Other performance improvements.

[ad#ga-480-break]If you’re a Windows Phone 7 user, head out and get the latest update for your phone. To update it, you’ll need get the Zune software on a Windows PC or the Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac to start the update. You can check for instructions for update at this link. For more details on what’s new in this update, check out the WP7 updates page from Microsoft.

If you’ve run the update on the phone, do let us know your experience. We’re @myportableworld on Twitter and our Facebook page is


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