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Of late, I’ve just been glued to screens the whole day – the phone while on the commute to work and back, the laptop at work and home, and the TV with the kids on weekends. I felt the need to get off the various screens and do something which didn’t involve looking at a display. I tried my hand at a little bit of balcony gardening, which is an ongoing project, but I still found the need to look at something more involving.

Going back to one of my hobbies from my past, I wanted to get back into the world of music and some of the music creation I used to do years back. After quite a lot of research online on which one to buy, I went and found a great deal on a Korg Arranger keyboard from Amazon. When it arrived, I couldn’t wait to get playing on it and the last thing I didn’t expect was my keyboard playing skills to be so rusty after years that I was fumbling around.

Practice makes Perfect – Apps

Photo by Christin Noelle / Unsplash

I’ve had to go back and start re-learning and practicing from most of the basics. These days, getting information online is not hard, and I found some great sources of inspiration from sites and apps I found on the way.

For practicing songs and improving my keyboard skills, I found some great apps to help. One of them is Yousician which listens to what I play via the phone’s speakers to make sure I’m hitting the right notes while going through the various lessons they have.

Another one is Synthesia which via a MIDI Cable which connects the keyboard to my phone so the phone knows exactly which notes I’m hitting on the keyboard. Both these apps have been great to keep my interest in music going and helping me improve my skills.

I also found an excellent course on Udemy which teaches some of the techniques of playing various genres of music on the piano – starting from the basics to intermediate skills.

Do you have any tips on apps and courses I could try out next? Leave me a comment or tweet.

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