Nokia acquires Analytics Company Motally

In their press release today, Nokia announced that they are going to acquire Motally, a company which provides mobile analytic service. Motally’s not a big company, but has just a 8 member team. It’s their technology which can be embedded in mobile applications for tracking demography and usage, which Nokia plans to use.

Nokia plans to use Motally’s  technology to enhance developer and publisher product offerings through mobile analytics functionality. Even though Motally doesn’t have solutions specifically targeted towards Nokia’s platforms, they plan to port the technology for QT, Symbian, Meego and Java.

“The acquisition underpins Nokia’s drive to deliver in-application and mobile web browsing analytics to Ovi’s growing, global eco-system of developers and publishers, enabling partners to better connect with their customers and optimize and monetize their offering”,  said Marco Argenti, Vice President, Media, Nokia.

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