Nokia agrees to Indian Government’s rules for Push Email

A few weeks back, the Indian Intelligence Bureau (IB) had pulled up the Nokia Messaging, a service which provides a push emails to Nokia devices, for “security” reasons. They had sent notices to Telecom providers to block the service till Nokia provided IB with a method to monitor emails transferred through the service. RIM, the Blackberry company, too had been recently targeted by the IB for not providing them a method to snoop through the emails.

For a few days, the fate of the Nokia Messaging service was unsure till today, when Nokia announced that they plan to  comply with the IB directive by setting up infrastructure which will allow the Indian government to monitor emails.

“We are prepared to assist the applicable government authorities with their requests for a high degree of security and we are in the process of installing the required infrastructure. We follow all local laws and regulations that are required by the government,” Nokia MD Shiv Kumar told PTI.

If you’re a Nokia Messaging user, rest assured that your service would continue unaffected given this turn of events.


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