Nokia Digital Design Camp –Personalizing your Phone

Did you know – Of all the time you spend on your phone, around 85% of that time is spent on the home screen?

Juliana Ferreira, a Design Manager with the Nokia Digital Design team, took us through a presentation on customizing the home screens of the phones. During her session, we got to design our own home screens and Juliana took a look at them and we got to listen to some  interesting perspectives on what others wanted on their home screens. On of the first phones where the user could really customize the home screen was the N97, which featured widgets which could get the latest news and updates from the web right on the home screen. But what do people want and what are the challenges in designing a phone which allows user personalization ? Watch the videos and learn.

Home Screen Widgets 1/3:

Home Screen Widgets 2/3:

Home Screen Widgets 3/3:

During the interactive session, here’s what I came up with for my perfect homescreen layout.

My suggestions for Home Widgets

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