Nokia Monster Purity on-ear Headset Reviewed

I’ve been longing to try out this pair of headsets ever since I saw them during the Nokia World 2011 event last year. I did get to play around with demo units while I was there. I couldn’t spend too much time with these at that time because of the number of people waiting to try it out.

These headsets were also not on sale in India until recently. Now that Nokia India has finally started marketing these and quite a few more of their accessories in India, we can finally get our hands on this unit. Nokia India had sent across the Monster Purity On-Ear headsets to review and I was overjoyed when I got them.

What’s in the Box?

In the box along with the headsets you also get the following:

˚A hard carrying case, in which you can fold your headsets into
˚A cable with 3.5″ connectors and mic
˚Another cable with the mic and control buttons

Not a lot in terms of accessories, but the basics to get you started. The cables allow you to use the headsets with a wide variety of devices, including your phones, laptops, music players and more.

2 Weeks of Bliss

Working from home does have it benefits, but also it’s drawbacks. It’s hard to concentrate on work when you have two young kids running and shouting around the house. My regular pair of headsets didn’t isolate their noise unless I had the volume cranked up real high, but then that’s not helping getting work done as well.

For the two weeks I had this pair of headsets, I really got to enjoy working from home. The ear pads were great in greatly reducing the cacophony of noises around. Now I didn’t have to crank up the volume to pound away at that tricky code for work.

The headsets I got were in my favorite color – Blue. Unfortunately, the trial period came to and end and I had to woefully ship these back to Nokia India. I’ll have to save up for to get me a pair of these in the near future. Till then I’m back to the noisy environs at home.

Build Quality

The headsets themselves have a premium finish with a lot of high quality glossy plastic finish. The joints where the headsets fold in are also nicely done, and the joints don’t seem flimsy at all. The ear-pads themselves are soft, allowing for a prolonged usage without much discomfort. The ear-pads could be a little uncomfortable if you plan to use this in a warm environment. In terms of the headset fit, it was a snug fit after adjusting it properly. It was always snug and secure and didn’t feel like it was going to fall off at all.

Tangle Free

Apart from the headsets themselves being blue, the supplied cables also came in a matching blue. The cables are tangle free, and what a blessing that is. No more cables running in knots and having to struggle around with them to get them straight.

The pack came with two types of cables:  a cable with the mic only and another cable with a mic and control buttons. The one with the control buttons (like the one in the image) works only with Windows Phones so it goes well with Nokia’s Lumia phones. I tried getting the controls to work on other phones as well, but without much success. The Macbook Pro actually responded to the control button by starting and stopping music, but the volume controls didn’t seem to respond.

Sound Quality

I loved the sound quality of these headsets. I’m not expert audiophile to tell you how good the soundstage of this head is, or if it’s base or midrange were good and the highs were crisp. All I can tell you is that I was able to enjoy listening to music on these headsets, and they did a better job than all the headphones I had lying around at home. These are Monster headsets, and their sound quality is top-notch.

Retail Price

This is what I mentioned about some time back about saving for this pair of headsets. This pair of  Nokia Monster Purity headsets is currently retailing for around Rs. 11,420 on the Nokia India Online Store. A tad bit pricy but for me it’s worth the quality of this device. Time to start saving up.

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