Nokia N900 Pr 1.2 renders WebGL 3D content

Wow – this is something the new PR1.2 firmware update brought to the Nokia N900. With the new firmware, the N900’s browser is capable of displaying WebGL content. You may be wonder what WebGL is. It’s an api which is implemented on a web-browser so it can show 3D content without any plugins. More on WebGL on Wikipedia.

If you want to run out and try out WebGL content on your N900, Giles Thomas from has some links which have content which works on the N900. You can access his blog post regarding by clicking here.

If you don’t have a N900 to check this out, Giles has also created a video which shows off the N900 rendering WebGL content:

You can read more about WebGL and its likes on Giles’ blog.

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