PowerCalculator – Turn your Nokia N8 into a Scientific Calculator

Are you looking to buy a scientific calculator for your math or technical course?  Why not convert your Nokia N8 or Symbian^3 phone into one?

Here’s a really cool app called PowerCalculator which is really a powerful one at that. Sure you can do your basic calculations using the in-built calculator on your phone, but PowerCalculator gives you much more. You can use this app to perform trigonometric, log, exponent, matrix calculations and base conversions.  You can also perform compound calculations by using the brackets to enclose your formula to be evaluated first.

[ad#ga-480-break]The app also provides graphing capabilities to view the graphs of functions. PowerCalculator also allows you to zoom into the graphs which are plotted on screen. There’s a help screen which explains the different computations you can perform using this application.

You can get this app from OVI store for just $2.99 USD or Rs. 75. Cheaper than buying a scientific calculator wouldn’t you say? This app should work on most Symbian^3 and Symbian 60 5th Edition phones.

Here’s the link to download from Ovi Store – store.ovi.com/content/87501


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