Push Email Software – Emoze Pro goes free

Hot off their blog, Emoze is not opening up their Pro features for free. They’ve always had a free version of their software which allowed you to receive “push” emails on Symbian devices. The free version was limited to push only emails from one account to your phone. Now you can push multiple mailboxes to your mobile using their software.

Here’s what you can get on the free version (features which were formerly “pro”) of Emoze now:

  • Configure multiple accounts on a single handset
    • Outlook
    • Gmail
    • Hotmail
    • Facebook messaging
    • Your own home or ISP email account
    • OWA Corporate email
  • Manage all your email accounts on the GO
    • Send and receive email
    • Reply, forward and save to drafts
    • Receive, View, Send and Download attachments up to 2MB
  • Each email account is identified by its own icon.
  • Each email account has its own inbox
  • Create folders and save mail from any account to a folder

I had tried Emoze a few months back and found that as good as Nokia Messaging. The good thing about the Emoze is that you’re not limited to just Nokia phones, it works well with other Symbian devices as well. If you can’t access Nokia Messaging for some reason, here’s a solution for you to try out.

Get more information about Emoze and their services at: www.emoze.com or download their email software directly on your phone by visiting m.emoze.com

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