Road trip – Bangalore to Kerala in the VW Polo

Flights and trains get you to your destination faster, but road trips end up surprising us with nature especially when we take a wrong turn off the highway. Here are a series of shots from our recent road trip to Kerala.

My kids who earlier preferred the aeroplane as their favourite mode of transportation have now switched over their allegiance to our trusted VW Polo. They loved the scenic forests, hills and eateries we dropped into during our drive.

Lots of hills, small and big on the Hosur to Coimbatore route.
Hills big and small and clouds surrounding them, near Walayar in Kerala.
Valanjamkanam Water Falls is right at the side of the road.
Trying out the Long Exposure shots in the iPhone on the highway.
Tea Plantations on the way to Kumily.
Great view of the surrounding hills at Parunthumpara
Velamkanni Matha Church of Our Lady of Good Health Church in Pattumala features Gothic style architecture amidst the tea plantations.
Hills as far as the eye can see at Parunthumpara
Parunthumpara Hill View Point, a great place to catch in the views. Unfortunately, people just throw garbage around and dirty this place.
We stopped for a pitstop in Pananchery to get some tender coconuts.
Driving through the lush forests in Kuthiraan in Kerala
Shot somewhere outside Coimbatore, the hills covered in haze
Stopped just after Erode at this scenic pitstop for a quick chai

Driving through some of Kerala’s smaller highways is an adventure. The roads are narrow, and they twist and turn around the landscape. If you get car sick, you’d better take some medication before you get on. Here’s a quick peek at how the ride feels.

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