Sizzlers @ Tangerine in Koramangala

Sizzlers @ Tangerine in Koramangala

I used to frequent Tangerine when they were the Old Madras Road side of 100 Feet road in Indiranagar. In fact, that was a favorite Friday lunch spot for some of my colleagues at my old office. We were quite disappointing when they closed down that place.

I was overjoyed when I spotted their sign board on my way to work in Koramangala. It looks like they moved from one 100 feet road to another, since they’re not located on 100 feet road in Koramangala, near the Sony World Signal.

When we entered the new Tangerine, we didn’t see as much crowd here as in the old Indiranagar location. That could also be because it’s quite new and people still need to ‘discover’ this place.

I was glad that we went here, because their Sizzlers are still up to the mark and great!

If you are looking for some good stuff to eat, here’s some items from the menu which you absolutely must try.

Start off with some stuffed Potato Skins or if you’d prefer soup, the Mushroom and Marscapone Soup. Then follow with the Mixed Grill which gives you a little bit of Chicken, Sausage and Meat all in one dish. Top that all off with a Walnut Mocha Gateaux. A word of warning – if you plan to have all of this in one sitting, better starve for hours before you head there and and just stick to the main course.

For those of you who prefer the Indian taste, they’ve got Indian Sizzlers which include Paneer Tikka & Tandoori Chicken Sizzlers. If Sizzlers don’t whet your appetite, you can also try out their Pastas and Salads which are as good.

A meal for two would work out to around Rs. 800 – 1000. For more information, head over to Zomato.

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