Sony Playstation on Android using psx4droid

Wanna play those old Sony Playstation games on your phone? A $5.99 software called psx4droid on the Android Market can get you started. psx4droid is an app built by ZodTTD, which gives your Android phone the ability to run Sony Playstation PSX games. ZodTTD with the help of the authors GameBoid (GBA emu) and Nesoid (NES emu) was able to get build and put up the application on the Android Market.

Don’t get ahead of yourself yet, first you’ll need to have access to the Paid Android Market ( which is currently not available in India), then you’ll first need a phone with a fast processor and Android 2.x to get any decent game-play out of the software. Also the keys for the game controller are overlaid on the screen, so your fingers may at times get in the way of seeing the action on screen. If that happens regularly, would you consider using a WiiMote to control the PSX games on your Android ?

Here’s how to get psx4droid, you can search for psx4droid on the Market App and start downloading it. You may also want to read the instructions here in this thread to get started with playing games on your phone.

For your viewing pleasure, watch a video of Final Fantasy VII,Ridge Racer and Earthworm Jim playing on a  Galaxy S

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