The Ants Cafe Whitefield

The Ants Cafe Whitefield

Wooden seating amidst the green at Ants Cafe

A hunt for a Friday Lunch place on Zomato landed us at The Ants Cafe in Whitefield. I’ve visited their Indiranagar branch quite a few times over the years, and we decided to give this new branch a try. We required the help of Google Maps to locate this place since is just off the main road and quite easy to miss.

Peaceful and Green

One of the advantages of being just off the main road is that this place is hidden amidst a lot of greenery and the noises of the road sounded quite far away. We were one of the first to arrive that day and had the entire place to ourselves. When we entered the compound, it felt like we were walking into a farm area with a big brick farm house in the centre.

The outdoor seating consisted of wooden tables and chairs right in the middle of the trees and plants in the compound. We spotted a few fruit trees and a curry leaf tree just next to our table. It was good to get away from the hustle of the Whitefield traffic and enjoy some quite time with friends in this greenery.

Slow and Easy

You can’t hurry a good thing. So was the service at The Ants Cafe. Time just crawled to a halt when we came here. The service is slow and steady, which meant that we had quite some time to spend before our food and drinks arrived at the table. We took a look at their Handicraft store while we waited.

  • Tip: Order some starters if you’re hungry since the mains can take time.

Good Enough?

When the mains did finally arrive, we weren’t disappointed with the quantity of food.Each of the mains, whether it was the Omelette, Club Sandwich or a Veg Exotica dish has just enough to satiate us without going overboard with the quantity. The food itself was good, but it wasn’t exceptional. Compared to my previous experiences with The Ants Cafe in Indiranagar, the food at this outlet left me wanting for better.

In Short

What The Ants Cafe, Whitefield has is a great location in the midst of some lush green space. The service is slow, but that’s not too bad if you’re here to spend some time here. For the cost they’re charging, the food needs to be better to meet expectations.

How to get there?

If you’re heading on the Whitefield Main Road towards the Hope farm junction, look for the Ants Cafe board on your left a few 100 meters before you hit the signal.

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