The Nokia E72 – what I don’t like about it

Nokia E72Even though the E72 is a good contender in the business phone arena, here are some things which Nokia could have done better with this phone:

  • Dissappointing Vibrate mode: The vibrate mode on the E72 seems to be too soft – It’s very easy to miss out on calls if you have the phone on silent and vibrate mode on. The only time I noticed the phone vibrate was when it was on the table and it buzzed on the table top. Don’t expect to get much notification if you’ve got the phone in your pocket.
  • Web Browser: Why can’t Symbian do anything about the built in browser? It’s still not internet savvy. While it can handle mobile sites and lighter web pages with ease, but still seems to hang and crash on heavier non-mobile pages. I’ve had frequent hangs in the web browser when the page size goes above 1.5MB. This is not really specific to the E72, but plauges all phones which ship with the Symbian OS. You’re better off installing a third party browser like Opera or Opera Mini if you want to surf heavier pages.
  • Panorama Shots? : Did you know that the E72 now features a panorama mode? Even though it can stitch up multiple photos and make a panorama shot, I still couldn’t get a decent photo stiched up. Here are some samples I took. You’ll need to perfect the skill to take panorama shots on the E72. I got better result multiple snaps and stiching them on a desktop software. Here’s an example:

    Don’t get me wrong, the camera on the phone is pretty good for an E series phone, it’s just the panorama mode which this phone’s capable of which is an utter disappointment. I had tried third party applications on earlier phones which rendered panorama shots much better than the inbuilt one on the E72.

  • Optical navi key: This is a new feature on the E72, which allows you to move your finger over the D-pad to navigate around the phone interface. At first it looks like a super cool feature, but after a few weeks of usage, it really gets to being a pain. If any of you have successfully used this feature of the phone without getting irritated by it acting up at the wrong time, let us know by commenting on this post.
  • Bundled Applications: I was also quite disappointed with the bundled applications which shipped with the E72 here in India – Callback and B’Day Mate. Two pretty dumb apps for a smart business phone like the E72.

Here are two more attempts at taking panorama snap with the camera after which I gave up:

Do you have any other disappointments with the E72 or did you get better results with the Panorama mode? Let us know by leaving a comment.

Edit: All’s not bad with the E72. We do like some of the neat features this phone sports. If you missed out on what we liked about it, head over here.

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