The Nokia Luna Bluetooth Headset Reviewed

The Nokia Luna is one of the smaller bluetooth headsets I’ve come across, in a beautifully compact and different design. The first time I saw the Luna headset a year or so back, in it’s holder, I wondered what it was, since it isn’t shaped like any conventional set. In fact, anyone I showed the headset to was intrigued at first, and impressed when they found out what it actually was. As you can see in the image on the left, its a nice beautiful and compact package. The Luna is also available in a variety of colors to match your moods and style – Black, White, Blue, Green and Pink.

When the Luna headset is in it’s holder, it’s quite a portable package, just leave it lying around your pocket, or your car dash. When the headset is in the holder, it’s actually charging. The holder charges via a micro-USB charger, and charges your headset when it’s locked in place. You should be able to squeeze out around 8 hours of talk time out of this combo. To access the headset, just click on the triangular shape, and the spring mechanism pops out the headset.

The Luna is a NFC enabled device, which means pairing it with a NFC phone is a breeze, just tap the two together and you’re connected. You can also use plain ol’ Bluetooth pairing if you don’t have a NFC enabled phone yet. It works great either way. The headset fits in your ear for easy use.  The earpiece is just as large as a coin not too big at all.

I found the fit just about fine. It wasn’t a snug fit, but was good enough for the ride between home and work. Since it was small and compact, it made for a great basic bluetooth headset. Even though I was sceptical about the mic pickup, the set worked flawlessly with all the call functions.  The set also features a tiny multi-function button, but my big pudgy fingers couldn’t get around to using it. So I had to control most of the features from the phone. Check if you can spot the button in the image below

If you are looking for a nice headset which goes beyond the conventional, this is one unit to get your hands on. The looks of it itself will ensure that it’s the center of attraction in your group. You can find the Nokia Luna retailing from around Rs.3,500 upwards to around Rs.4,500 from online retailers.

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