We’re Back!

Last evening, our site had unexpectedly gone down due to some issues on out “ex”-hosting company and their server. When that did happen, the support people at that hosting company were not really able to fix our problems and we had to shift out in a hurry.

We finally managed to get the files and database stuff migrated to the new host early today morning. The folks at ICDSOFT were helpful enough to get our site up in a hurry, and their helpful control panel allow us to migrate the files over with minimal issues.

We’ve also managed to change the Domain Name Systems pointed to the new host. This¬†unfortunately¬†will take up to 48 hours to propogate over the internet. So some of you still may not be able to access the site for a while more till your Internet Service Provider’s Name Servers get updated with the latest for our domain. Why can’t someone invent a way for this to happen faster, in this day and age!

If you find any problems while browsing through our site, do let us know. Thanks again for following us on twitter @myportableworld and Facebook.

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